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Personal Home Care from Awesome Comfort Home Care Services

We specialize in providing quality personal care for seniors, for those who want to remain independent at home but may find it difficult to complete daily activities, such as bathing and grooming. Our caregivers are experienced and compassionate.

What is Personal Care?

Personal care is one of the most important things that you can do for your loved one. Providing personal care helps them maintain their independence, but more importantly it gives you an opportunity to express your love and appreciation for them.

Personal care for senior citizens involves the proper care and attention of seniors who are unable to take care of themselves or are suffering from special needs. Personal Care is targeted towards inactive people with limited or no physical abilities but will also be beneficial to people who need help to perform normal activities. Our personal care plans can include:

Bathing and Hygiene

Our bathing and hygiene personal care includes bathing, grooming, and proper oral hygiene. Bathing is perhaps the most important single task in caring for the elderly. Frequent bathing ensures that the skin remains clean and moist. We understand that assisted bathing can be uncomfortable especially for a loved one with diminished mental capacity. Bathing and hygiene practices with a recurring and familiar home health aide in your loved ones home can make them feel more comfortable and is less taxing on their mental health. Some of these practices include:

  • Showering and bathing
  • Shaving
  • Styling of hair
  • Brushing teeth and denture care
  • Getting dressed in their favorite clothes

Fall Prevention & Mobility Assistance

Avoiding falls and injuries can be just as important as the treatment of injuries resulting from a fall. Our fall prevention, and mobility assistance program for seniors provides support to older adults as they are getting used to new surroundings, may experience a temporary illness or injury, or move into assisted living facilities. Our home health aides will provide you with a safe and independent environment by assisting you in day-to-day activities.

Incontinence & Bathroom Care

Incontinence care for senior citizens is an important part of the overall health and well-being of elderly people. Going to the bathroom can be a challenge, especially if you have physical or mental disabilities. We are available to help our clients meet their incontinence care needs on a daily basis through providing assistance with using the bathroom, changing incontinence briefs, pads, and bathing. Maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness is essential for elderly loved ones. Feeling clean and supported eliminates stress in their lives and helps them feel dignified as they age.

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